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-Pure Essential Oils
Perfect Potion is pleased to offer you our finest and purest therapeutic Essential Oil Range, many being Certified Organic. Choose to create a special atmosphere, enhance your wellbeing or have a direct therapeutic effect. Many may also be used in a massage oil or bath oil.

-Lifestyle Blends
Perfect Potion has created a unique range of essential oil blends ideal to use in your oil burner. Choose to create a special atmosphere, enhance your wellbeing or have a direct therapeutic effect. Many of these lifestyle blends may be used in a massage oil or bath oil.

-Chakra Blends
Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing, the chakras represent the seven energy centres of the body. The Chakra blends have been formulated to subtly balance each chakra. Use the Chakra blends in your oil burner, massage oil or bath oil.

-Five Element Blends
Perfect Potion has developed five essential oil blends based on the principles of the Five Elements which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to classify phenomena in terms of the five quintessential processes, represented by the emblems Wood, Fire, Earth, Air (Metal) and Water. Use the Five Element blends in your oil burner, massage oil or bath oil.

-Four Seasons Blends
The Four Seasons blends carefully convey the mood of each season. They will expand your consciousness and help gain a new appreciation for the seasons of nature. The Four Seaons blends can be enjoyed in a vaporiser, added to a massage oil or a few drops can be used in a bath.

Discover massage through the use of these unique synergies of essential oils and carrier oils. Perfect Potion aromatherapy massage oils enhance health and vitality as well as providing the perfect massage medium. Perfect Potion aromatherapy massage oils are made from pure essential oils blended with cold pressed vegetable oils.

Infused oils are made by the traditional process of cold infusion. Herbs are submerged in cold pressed vegetable oil and left to infuse. When complete, the oil is strained off, retaining the beneficial properties of the herb. Infused oils may be used as massage oils or for treating specific conditions.
Perfect Potion has sourced the finest quality vegetable oils which may be used as food oils or in your aromatherapy treatment as carrier oils. We have ensured that the vegetable oils are cold pressed, unbleached, undeodorised and where possible, certified organic.

Our ointments have been formulated and prepared using natural infused and essential oils which have been blended in a vegetable oil and beeswax base.

-Body Washes and Exfoliants
Perfect Potion Body Washes offer you a gentle, plant-derived alternative. Pour a little into your hand, or onto a face cloth, sponge or loofah and lather all over your body.Perfect Potion Body Washes offer you a gentle, plant-derived alternative. Pour a little into your hand, or onto a face cloth or sponge and lather all over your body.

-Bath Soaks
Perfect Potion has an exquisite range of bath soaks with the added benefits of pure essential oils. Adding them to your bath is an excellent way of softening the bath water as well as soothing tired and sore muscles.

-Body Lotions/Treatments
Perfect Potion has a lovely range of body lotions to moisturise dry skin, soothe sunburn, cool down or leave you smelling gloriously perfumed.

-Hand Creams
A hydrating cream that is instantly absorbed by the skin and provides a smooth, healthy look. The natural ingredients immediately replenish the skin's hydration level and leaves the skin relaxed, supple and silky soft.

-Aromatic Mists
A unique and special blend of the finest pure essential oils and Australian Bush Flower Essences to enliven or calm the body, mind and spirit. These aromatic mists may be misted all over the face and body as desired or simply used as a room mist. Perfect Potion Aromatic Mists do not contain alcohol.

Unlike antiperspirants, deodorants do not interfere with the body's natural excretion of perspiration. Perspiration is involved in cooling the body and is one of its waste elimination processes. Perfect Potion Deodorants mask any offensive body odour.

Your cleanser should not cause the removal of too much oil or moisture or upset the skin's pH significantly. It should not be irritating. Use a cleanser twice daily, in the morning and at the end of the day. Skin should be cleansed in the morning because the skin excretes waste onto the surface throughout the night. At the end of the day, skin should be cleansed twice - once to remove surface impurities such as pollution and make-up and again to better cleanse the pores. Then remove it completely with a damp sponge, face cloth or cotton wool and rinse. The skin will feel clean, soft and hydrated.

-Floral Waters
Our floral waters have antiseptic properties which makes it ideal to use as a toner or skin refreshener for different types of skin.

Moisturising is an important part of any daily skin care routine. Specially designed to make your skin softer and more pliable, Perfect Potion's range of lush moisturisers naturally hydrates skin using only the best ingredients nature has to offer.

-Scrubs and Exfoliants
Scrubs and exfoliants are also known as peels and desquamates. Exfoliants are used to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and to help dislodge clogging of the skin, including blackheads and whiteheads. They are used after cleansing leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed and polished. The removal of surface skin cells also allows for the better absorption of active ingredients. Regularity of use depends on the type of exfoliant used on the skin. This may be anywhere from once a fortnight on extremely fine and sensitive skin up to three times a week on thick, greasy skin

Masks are used to cleanse the skin, absorb excess oil, remove dead skin cells, soften blackheads, heal damaged or blemished skin, stimulate the circulation in the skin and healthy cell regeneration, nourish, moisturise, hydrate and soothe your skin and improve skin colour, texture and tone - all depending on the ingredients used to make the mask. More than one type of mask may be applied to your face at the same time to treat different skin types or conditions which may occur on different parts of your face. For example, an oily and blocked T-zone would benefit from a clay mask, whereas the cheek area may be dry and sensitive and would benefit from a cream or gel mask.

-Skin Treatments
Perfect Potion offers Treatment Products that are made from the finest quality cold pressed vegetable oils and pure essential oils especially designed to improve the condition of your skin.

-Lip Care
Perfect Potion makes pure plant based lip balms and colour cosmetics for the lips from plant butters, organic vegetable oils and iron oxides that ensure that your lips look vibrant, healthy and fresh. You won't find any petrolatum or artificial flavourings in these!

Perfect Potion offers a range of plant-derived shampoos and conditioners utilising mild plant-derived surfactants, pure essential oils, plant-derived preservatives and organically grown herbal extracts. They are enriched with plant proteins to naturally restore health and vitality to the scalp and hair.

Perfect Potion's Mother and Baby Range are created using certified organic essential oils and gentle plant extracts. Our Mother and Baby range is Certified Natural by BDIH - an international certification organisation from Germany.

Our revitalising, calming and refreshing room fresheners contain only pure essential oils. They can be sprayed in the air, in the office or car - or anywhere you need a rejuvenating lift of pure essential oils.

Our aromatherapy pulse points are a blend of exquisite essential oils blended in jojoba oil. Apply to your pulse points or temples to feel invigorated, calm or sensual.

Give your best friend a wash with this special shampoo and watch their coat shine. Even animals need to pamper themselves too.

Discover how to make customised aromatherapy and herbal skin care preparations to suit each skin type and to treat various skin conditions. Step by step instructions are given to ensure your preparations are successful. Through training, new research and the feedbacks from other educators, the existing books have been updated.

This aromatic gadget brings the simplest enjoyment into our busy lives, a pleasant scent keeps the essence of plants and flowers awake. It is driven by an ultrasonic waves at a frequency of over two million times per second, having us surrounded with fine mists of million-particles and purify our room, office or any parts in our house.
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